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About Us
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About Us


The Judicial Institute of Jordan is the only governmental institution in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that is responsible for the preparationof qualified persons to assume judicial posts through the Institute's diploma program established by Law No. 3 of 1988 and the provisions of the Institute's Law No. (6) of 2010 and its amendments


Our Vision: A center of judicial training and supporting administrative bodies distinguished on national, regional and international levels


Our Mission: A center that showcases all stakeholders in the justice sector on national, regional and international levels the significant role it assumes in training the staff of the judicial and administrative apparatuses in a manner that positively reflects on promoting the rule of law with a view to forging partnerships, share experiences and promotes knowledge in all legal fields according to the best modern practices established by the principles of justice and equity


Strategic objectives

- Qualifying candidates for judicial posts and building and developing judicial and administrative capacities.

- Institutionalize and develop the relationship with the Jordanian Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice.

- Building institutional capacity and instilling the excellence culture.

- Strengthen cooperation with local, regional and international institutions.

- Contribute to the dissemination of legal culture among community groups. 


Performance Excellence The Judicial Institute march culminated with the honor of obtaining the King Abdullah II Award  of excellence for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency and it had the first ranke in the  category of institutions participating for legeslation sector  in the eight  session (2016-2017) within the bronze stage


Judicial Institute's Diploma A non-academic qualification program for holders of undergraduate degree in law that lasts three years. Who passes the program successfully will be awarded by the Judicial Institute's diploma, which qualifies him/her to practice the jurisdiction. - The diploma program accepts delegates within the future judges program and the staff of the ministry of legal and the top law schools' students in the official Jordanian universities. - Non-Jordanians delegates are accepted within the conditions determined by the Board of Directors.

Continuous and Specialized Training The program of continuous and specialized training for the judges is carried out through an annual training plan and in continuous coordination with the Judicial Council. The Institute also holds training courses to raise the capacity of the supportive administrative bodies in the Ministry of Justice. The Institute holds specialized training programs for public and private sector employees and for delegates from external and international bodies.

E-transformation The Judicial Institute launched the first distance learning (e-Learning) pilot for judges in 2017 and this technology will be expanded into future training plans. In 2016, the first phase of the e-learning program for diploma students was launched through the website with electronic services related to obtaining their study information.

Local, Arab and International Cooperation The Institute is engaged in constructive and fruitful relations of cooperation in the fields of judicial and legal training and enjoys partnerships with Arab and international legal and judicial institutions and bodies. It is part of the Euro-Arab Network's cooperation agreement in the field of judicial training. It hosts the Permanent Secretary of the Network and the Director-General as its Secretary General.

The Role of the Judicial Institute in Responding to the Recommendations of the Royal Commission for the Development of the Judiciary and Strengthening the Rule of Law: Based on its responsibilities in the implementation of these recommendations, the Institute has prepared an integrated matrix and an implementation plan. Some recommendations have truly been accomplished before deadlines set out under the items contained in the report of the Committee.




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